[NEW] YŪgen by roka : artISTS from japan

Welcome to « Yūgen, » a captivating new documentary series that delves deep into the mysterious realms of renowned Japanese artists.

In these three episodes, we embark on an awe-inspiring journey through the enchanting Kantō area of Japan, where we uncover the enigmatic artists profound inspiration and creative process. Hope you’ll enjoy!

Passionate. Enthusiastic. Determined. Roka.

roka Films is a film production company based in Lausanne, Switzerland and also in Berlin, Germany. Always obsessed with strong aesthetics and deep messages, we look forward to creating films with you!

Our mindset is simple: to share with people the passion we thrive for through making memorable films such as commercials, documentaries, event after-movies and much more.

meet the ROKA TEAM



Director / editor

Hey ! Nice to meet you, I’m Florent and I am an interactive media designer. I grew up assisting my older brother on shootings (carrying all of his heavy stuff ^^) and travelling around the world while creating short travel videos during my studies and free time.

After studying media/film for 5 years and building my own experience through the years, I started working for the Swiss company Messieurs.ch as an editor and Camera operator, which has helped me becoming even more professional and perfectionist in what I do.

Working for huge clients such as Logitech, Audemars Piguet, or Tag Heuer as a part of the Messieurs.ch team brought me enough skills, confidence and experience to jump into this new roka adventure !




Producer / editor

Hi ! My name is Swann, like the swan yes.. I am passionate about music and video (I always mix techno music in my room and that usually pisses my neighbors off or more recently my roommate Flo). I discovered the filmmaking universe when I was 17 years old while travelling in the USA. Since then I have created several short films of vacation and some after movies of events or parties.

It’s been about 1,5 years that I really started making high quality content during my free time. I’ve learned a lot from my best friend Florent and other creative people in Switzerland.

Oh and I forgot but I have a bachelor’s degree at the EPFL in Microtechnics Engineering. This has taught me to be a hard working person in everything I undertake.



Producer / Editor

Hi ! I’m Raphael: producer and editor at Roka. I’m originally coming from Physics studies at the EPFL (just like Swann yes). My heart has however always been tending towards filmmaking.

I’m a self-learner and got to experience many different sides of the craft since my teenage years. The opportunities I got after moving to Berlin allowed me to get more serious in the video field.

The solution oriented mindset I got from my studies is one of my best allies when producing my videos. I use it along my creative side to get the best out of my projects.

Like Swann, I also did a bachelor at the EPFL in Physics and I had less time to produce but I learn other skills such as hard-work, consistency and managing stress. I also did an exchange for my last year in Berlin. This is where I could really express myself and this is when I decided to spend my life doing what I like : Producing videos.



Motion Designer / EDITOR

Heyhey! I’m Joel, nice to meet you! I always loved watching movies and this inspired me to specialize into the Post-Production territory. I started using media production tools like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects and learning them through the years by making projects with friends or just by myself.

Like Florent, I did a Media Interactive Designer school for 4 years and I just finished my 2 years film school formation specializing into editing, sound design and special FX.

After studying and working in different companies like Nestlé, TrivialMass, imedia I wanted to create more personal and creative projects with people that share the same vision as me.

Like Florent, I studied film and cinema for 4 years in a film-making school and after that I spent 2 years and specialized myself in the motion design field. I’m so happy to join the roka team and I’m looking forward to starting to create beautiful things!!

We would love to work with you